Rules for the quiz

1. All participants must take the exam through
2. All details must be filled in the page without error
3. The level and language of the question paper cannot be changed once opted.
4. The exam will be conducted ONLINE only.
5. The date and time of the Online Exams will be published in our website. Failing to appear on the day and time will forfeit your chance(s).
6.Kindly submit your exam before the prescribed time limit, otherwise your paper will not autosubmitted
7. The Answer Page WILL NOT BE SUBMITED automatically after 60 minutes.
8. The contestant will be solely responsible for any issues/disruptions that may arise through failure of Internet connectivity or failure of equipment.
9. Contestants must prepare for the relevant bible portions assigned for each phase of the quiz.
10. Questions will be based on NKJV Version (English) and Standard Protestant Bible versions (Other Languages)
11.Please note that a each contestant will be allowed to appear only once in the online test. Multiple submissions will result in cancellation of your submission(s).view/answer questions on the exam day and to choose the appropriate level.
12.The mock test is available on our website. Use this link to familiarize yourself on how to view/answer questions on the exam day and to choose the appropriate level.
13. Judges’ decision will be final and no further representation will be entertained.